Site: Haast Rv at Roaring Billy    

Photograph of site

Current Sensor Readings

SensorLatest ValueLast Update Alarm StatusData Access
Rainfall Depth 0.5 mm15/08/22 22:15 N/A
Water Level 1183 mm15/08/22 22:15OK
Flow Rate 99.9 m3/s15/08/22 22:15 N/A


Last communication with site at 15/08/22 22:17

Site Description

Easting: 1302895.675  
Northing: 5127852.  
Elevation (m): 60 m  
Catchment Area (km sq): 10200 km2  
The Roaring Billy water level and rainfall recorder is situated on the Haast River in the lower Haast catchment, 47 km upstream of the township of Haast. The site has a catchment area of 1020 km2 . Lowest water levels are recorded during the winter months when levels can fall to 0.6 metres but normal water levels are closer to 1.2 metres. A high flood water level of 7.6 metres was recorded at this site in May 1978.
This site records a mean annual rainfall of 5750 mm and daily falls of up to 400 mm.
This site is operated by the National Institute of Water & Atmosphere as part of the National Hydrometric Monitoring Network, and is a part of the West Coast Regional Council Flood Warning Network.

West Coast Regional Council

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