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Current Sensor Readings

SensorLatest ValueLast Update Alarm StatusData Access
Rainfall 0.6 mm23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Direction 113 23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Speed 1.1 m/s23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Air Temperature 10.9 C23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Soil Temperature 10cm 10.8 C23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Solar Radiation 0.8 23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Relative Humidity 94 %23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Barometric Pressure 1015 hPa23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Volumetric Water Content 4.600 23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Wind Direction 112.000 23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Wind Speed 0.000 m/s23/05/19 22:10 N/A
Soil Water Deficit 2.7 mm23/05/19 01:00 N/A


Last communication with site at 23/05/19 22:30

Site Description

Easting: 1473032.059  
Northing: 5273367.708  
Elevation (m): 110 m  
Catchment Area (km sq): n/a  
This rainfall gauge is located just outside of Inchbonnie. Mean annual rainfall at Inchbonnie is about 5000 mm and rainfall of up to 283 mm in a 24 hour period has been recorded.
The Inchbonnie site is operated by the National Institute of Water & Atmosphere, as part of the National Hydrometric Monitoring Network

West Coast Regional Council

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